What’s so powerful about an egg?

Surprisingly enough, everything.

The sturdiest structures in the world all draw inspiration from the egg, from domes to massive bridges to racing helmets. That’s because the egg shape ensures equal distribution of weight, and in the case of collision, equal diffusion of impact.

When it came to designing the world’s safest car seat, it only made sense to start with the egg, But beyond the fact that the egg shape is central in providing ultimate protection, it is also highly symbolic of life itself; a symbol of fertility. What could create a more immediate bond with new parents than such a powerful reminder of nature’s awesomeness?

But to ensure you have an egg, not an omelet, you need a material built for protection.

In our case, that is carbon fiber — 7 times stronger than steel, yet as light as plastic. Not surprising, carbon fiber is the material of choice for Formula 1 racers, as well as for the aeronautics and military industries. 

Unlike plastic which is traditionally used for most car seats, carbon fiber is immune to wear and tear, allowing babyark to make a market claim like no other; a car seat without an expiry date.

So…we took this design philosophy, combined it with the sturdiest lightweight material available -- and created babyark’s EggLog™ Carbon Frame. The egg-shaped structure functions to divert the impact away from the baby’s body, first towards the lower part of the seat, and from there towards the base, and then to the vehicle itself.

This egg has not only set a new benchmark in protective design; it has also become a design icon in its own right; one that parents intuitively want upon first sight.


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