Engineered for safety

Patented impact-absorbing technology and innovative protective performance materials have given birth to a new standard in safety. babyark technology outperformed the leading competitor by 230%* in HIC (head injury criteria).

*A leading EU seat was crash tested once with its original base and once with a base with babyark SafeCoil™ impact-absorbing technology.

Anti-Rebound Bar

Has a dual mechanical function of both reducing rebound rotation and stabilizing the seat during frontal, rear-end and side-impact.

Rigid Lower Anchors (LATCH)

Significantly reduces the seat’s movements in the event of side and or frontal impact. We have made it both easier and safer to install, and it ensures you have properly installed it each time.

Support Leg

While the babyark features also a top tether, we recommend using the support leg. It limits the forward momentum of the seat in the event of impact, and proven to reduce HIC (head injury criteria) by 46%.

SmrtGide™ Confirmed Installation

Ensure the seat is properly installed and the baby is safely buckled up (each and every ride) with simple, step-by-step, mobile app guidance and visual confirmation.

Our story

With babyark, we completely reimagined child safety. We left no stone unturned on our journey to develop the safest car seat ever designed and manufactured. Innovative design, engineering and technology, combined with the finest materials and rigorous testing have resulted in what you are now seeing.

Simple, secure installation

The great thing about babyark is that it can only be installed one way — safely. The innovative ACTV8™ smart base and mobile app guides the parent through a simple installation process and emits a green light to confirm it has properly been installed — providing priceless peace of mind for each and every ride.

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The new standard 
for safe.

For today’s modern parent who isn’t willing to compromise on quality, safety, and most importantly, peace of mind, we have created a new benchmark for comprehensive protection.

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Always in the driver’s seat

Get real time alerts and notifications, even when grandma or the babysitter are driving your little one around.

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