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babyark is the only car seat with active energy-absorption technology, led by the innovative SafeCoil™ and BioArk™ side-impact protection systems. The seat is built from carbon fiber and D3O™ , the world's most advanced shock-absorbing polymer. On top of all this, our SmrtGide™ installation system ensures the seat is properly installed and all safety features fully optimized, each and every ride.

The SafeCoil™ system is built out of a steel coil that extends from its compressed mode upon impact and activation. The energy used for this extension is the one saved from the child’s head and body.

The shape of the frame biomimicks nature’s most resilient structure, the egg. Think domes, bridges, racing helmets…The egg is a powerful, impact-diffusing shape. Furthermore, our egg-shaped frame is made of carbon fiber, which Is 7 times stronger than steel.

Paired with the babyark mobile app, the sensor system ensures that the seat is properly installed, and the baby buckled up — each and every ride.

That is absolutely true. In fact, we biomimicked the woodpecker’s unique plate-like bone structure which diffuses the brunt of impact when it pecks for food, and applied it to the side-impact protection system.

Yes. The sensors in the car seat that are connected to the mobile app identity if your baby is still in the seat and will notify you immediately. The forgotten child feature does not work with an infant insert at this stage.

We performed over 200 crash tests, testing an almost endless range of impact criteria such as HIC (head injury criteria) and chest acceleration at multiple speeds (exceeding regulation requirements), as well as different children’s weights for front and side impacts. Of these, the 16 crash tests required by regulation were certified by a world leader in independent safety testing.

Yes. babyark uses only flame retardant fabrics with no added chemicals, that also happen to be unbelievably soft to touch.

Go to this link to check the specifications of the seat.

Maximum harness height: 16.3 inch;
Shoulder width 11 inch;
Seating depth 12.6 inch

The babyark structural design is not relying on external surfaces. Thus, when installing the seat according to babyark’s recommended installation method, the base will be above the vehicle seat (or partially floating) and is not required to follow the 80/20 rule which states that the car seat should be in contact with the vehicle seat for at least 80% of its size. Due to our robust design and energy management, we are only relying on the robust base structure.

In order to provide better and easier use of the seat, we have magnets in the shoulder pads, chest clip and lap belt. In order to avoid any potential affect or harm on children with pacemakers we recommend contacting us and we will send a full set of fabric covers without magnets. That way all children will be able to enjoy babyark without concern.

The electronics are located in the bottom of the smart base and not the seat, keeping the electronics farther away from potentially harmful liquids. Important to emphasize that the base is not sealed, and care should be taken to avoid excessive spillage.
The seat's fabric covers are easy to replace and reinstall - refer to the how-to video to change the covers.

Yes, the recline position of the babyark car seat can be changed even when the seat is installed, and the child is seated. To do this, simply pull the lever on the front of the seat and pull or push the seat in the direction you need. It is important to note that the seat must be in the "safe recline zone" for both rear-facing and forward-facing directions.

Smart Seat

The babyark app uses BLE communication which allows it to work offline or in places with no cellular reception. However, the first steps for using the app, which are registration and pairing, require an internet connection.

Charging the base is approved during use and while driving. Note that the charging cable should be safely routed to not interfere with any objects or children. When not in use, store the cable safely away. Charging the base when the vehicle is not powered depends on the vehicle’s model and settings – please refer to your vehicle owner's manual.

In order to operate the ACTV8™ smart base sensors and light indicators, we use a rechargeable battery. We recommend charging the base periodically. The battery LED indicator will light up with flashing green when charging, and red light when the battery is critically low. Also, before first use we recommend charging the ACTV8™ smart base for about 2 hours

When fully charged, the battery can last 3-4 weeks. When the battery is critically low, the battery LED indicator in the front of the base will light up in flashing red.

babyark has an integrated sensor to alert in case your child is forgotten in the vehicle. The app will send you a "push notification" to your mobile. In the future, the app will be able to call EMS in case of emergency.When using the infant insert cushion, the alert will only work when the child is buckled.

Yes. The sensors in the babyark provide an alert once your child is buckled up. However, the alert doesn’t indicate just how tight and snug the harness is. The parent should use the pinch test to make sure it is tight enough once it has been correctly secured with both tongues. In case the child is not properly buckled or has somehow unlocked the buckle while driving - the app will provide an alert and the SmartBase will show a red light and make a sound.


You will first need to download the app to your mobile device. Once you've signed in and connected your babyark to your mobile device, you simply need to follow the instructions. The app will configure the seat to your baby's age, and guide you through each step of the seat installation.

There is only one way to install the babyark seat - safely. The mobile app that comes with your purchase of the seat walks you through each and every step of the installation and the Status LED lights located on the Smart Base provide visual confirmation that the seat has been properly installed before each and every ride.

babyark recommended installation is using BOTH seat belt and rigid lower anchors, for both rear-facing and forward-facing positions, which allows to fully utilize the benefits of the seat and to activate the SafeCoil(TM) energy absorption system.

babyark can be installed using the vehicle belt only, but this is not the recommended method. The recommended method is to install using lower anchors + vehicle belt + support leg.
If you do choose to install using the vehicle belt only, it is still safe and allowed by babyark. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the full benefits of the system energy absorption with the App guidance and monitoring features.

The babyark seat can be installed multiple ways:

  1. Seat belt only (Rear-facing)
  2. Seat belt with top tether (Forward-facing)
  3. Lower Anchors only(rigid LATCH) - for rear-facing position and kids weighing up to 15 lbs.
  4. babyark’s recommended installation method: Rigid LATCH, redundant vehicle seat belt, and front support leg (for both rear-facing and forward-facing).

babyark provides excellent protection in all modes, see all installations methods below, whether LATCH or a seat belt is used. However, in our crash testing, we have seen even more optimal results when both the seat belt and rigid LATCH are engaged, along with the support leg. We believe recommendations not to use seat belt and LATCH together are based on information involving CRS with soft LATCH connectors, rather than the rigid LATCH connectors used by babyark. However, we encourage consumers to always follow the vehicle manual.

Yes, babyark car seat system is certified to use in an aircraft. You can refer to our user manual for instructions on how to install in an aircraft.

To ensure a secure installation in every vehicle, babyark must always be used with a locking vehicle belt system. Check your vehicle owner's manual for the correct way to lock the seat belt in your vehicle. Also, you can find out more in the babyark User Manual. In case your vehicle doesn't have a locking system and you need a locking clip, contact us and we will provide it free of charge.

We recommend installing the babyark seat with Lowers Anchors, vehicle seat belt and front support leg. Nevertheless, most cars won't have 3 Lower anchors positioned in a manner that will allow installation of 3 in a row. Installing 2 babyarks in the side seating positions, in most vehicles, will still leave enough space in the middle for a low back (or no-back) booster.
Please check your vehicle back seat dimensions or verify with the vehicle user manual before buying more than 2 babyarks.

Yes. The detachable base allows for a certain degree of wiggle room that doesn’t affect the seat’s performance and safety. Nonetheless, we recommend checking that the seat is properly locked to the base. Start by making sure the safety bar behind the rear cushion is down. Then hold the seat from the side impact area and move it from side to side. If the seat moves less than 1 inch, you have nothing to worry about. If it moves more than that, we suggest placing it in a different area of the vehicle’s seat.If the seat continues to wobble, you should contact us and one of our experts will make sure it is within the safety limit.


The base 3-year warranty covers all mechanical aspects of the convertible seat. That includes any manufacturing defects and carbon mechanics for both the seat and the base. For the electrical aspects and soft goods, there is a 1-year warranty. Any malfunctions due to spillage of water, coffee or any other liquids, or due to any improper usage of the seat other than specified in the user manual are not covered.

The babyark sensors are designed to detect any movement or activation of the safety coils.
Upon detection, you will receive notifications through the app, and the base
will light up in red. Furthermore, a visual cue of the extended coil will be
displayed in the transparent window at the top of the base, and the base
shells—comprising the top white/grey shell and the bottom black shell—will be out
of alignment.

The babyark car seat doesn’t have an expiration date due to 6 main reasons:

  1. The no expiration date is only valid with a 10-year complementary checkup (just like a checkup for your car).
  2. Our main structure is based on steel and aluminum, while the outer plastics that are exposed to the sun are only for aesthetic purposes
  3. Harness – in case the harness has degraded or damaged over time, the harness can be replaced.
  4. Crash detection – on top of the 5 NHTSA rules for a more than minor crash, we can detect if the babyark seat needs to be replaced due to a crash and notify you via the app. It is also a visual indication (shells of the base are not aligned – meaning the SafeCoil™ has been activated)
  5. Labels – in case labels have been degraded or peeled off, we offer a labels replacement kit
  6. Communication – with our app we can notify our customers about any changes and updated in the regulation

The easiest way to make a claim is to reach out to our customer service department by email contact@babyark.com , by phone (888) 922-2927 or by our website online chat.

babyark has 3 ways to detect accidents:

  1. Visual indication - The Safe coils elongated, and the top and bottom shells are no longer aligned.
  2. Electronic light indication - we can detect if the crash was severe enough and the seat requires replacement, the safety LED ring in the base will circle in red.
  3. App alert - The app will notify you in the case the crash was severe and the seat needs replacement

    In addition, if one of the 5 NHTSA (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) rules below do not apply:
    i. The vehicle was able to be driven away from the crash site
    ii. The vehicle door nearest the car seat was not damaged
    iii. None of the passengers in the vehicle sustained any injuries in the crash
    iv. If the vehicle has airbags, the airbags did not deploy during the crash
    v. There is no visible damage to the car seat

Shipping & returns

We want to make sure you’re absolutely sure. So, if at any point during the first 100 days upon purchase you’re not sure, you can send your babyark back. No hassle, no questions asked.

We deliver your order within 1-2 business days from the moment you place your purchase. With standard delivery and for most cities, that typically means another 3-5 business days till arrival. With express delivery it typically takes 1-2 business days. In any case you will get the tracking details once we ship your order.

Currently, we only ship to the contiguous United States (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). If you are located outside of the US and would like to be notified when we start shipping to your city, please contact us at contact@babyark.com

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No—your credit score won’t be affected when you create an Affirm account or check your eligibility. If you decide to buy with Affirm, this may impact your credit score. You can find more information in Affirm’s Help Center.

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