The babyark warranty

This warranty reflects our absolute commitment to safety and relates to the unique
properties of the babyark car seat.

Committed to Safety

True to our vision of creating the world’s safest car seat, we haven’t compromised on anything. Using only the best and most durable materials available, such as non-degradable carbon fiber and steel, as well as performing over 200 safety tests, we have designed a state-of-the-art car seat built to last. That is also why the babyark seat has no expiry date.

We truly believe you will never need to use this warranty.
That is our sincere hope and conviction.

But with that said, our legal team insisted we still need to create one.

Warranty coverage

The warranty provides 36 months of coverage for all mechanical parts, and 12 months of coverage for all soft goods and electronic parts (from the date of purchase).

This includes all possible defects in the following:

Material or usability

All sensors and electronic components of the smart base

All mechanical elements of the convertible seat.

What is not covered?
- any improper use of the product other than that stipulated in the user manual.
- damage caused by water spillage and/or other liquids.

General Terms & Conditions

The warranty is non-transferable.
babyark will not ship replacement or repair parts outside the original country of purchase.

In the rare instance that you have a problem with your babyark and need to make a claim, we have ensured a simple, hassle-free process.
You can either contact us through the mobile app directly or at
Once you connect the app to your new babyark upon purchase, you will have automatically registered your product. But, in case you didn’t you will need to provide us with proof of purchase, model number, and manufacture date when making the claim. That’s it.
As we stated earlier, we are hopeful and confident you won’t need to use this warranty.
But if you do, we will do everything in our power to have you covered.