Safety starts

at installation

babyark’s simple, secure step-by-step installation process ensures that the seat is properly installed, and the baby buckled up - each and every ride.

Safe installation.
Guaranteed each & every time.

The ACTV8™ Smart Base, equipped with 14 sensors and a LED-light system provides visual confirmation and peace of mind that you’ve done everything just right.

Designed for (your) comfort too

Ergonomic design of both the base and the seat ensures simple and convenient carrying.

Absolute control in the palm of your hand.

The babyark app guides you with simple, step-by-step installation instructions and provides reassuring visual confirmation that the seat has been properly installed and the baby has been buckled up.

Bring safety home.


The SafeCoil™ system is built out of 2 steel coils that extend from their compressed mode upon impact and activation. The energy used for this extension is the one saved from the child’s head and body.

SmrtGide™ provides you with step-by-step guidance and visual confirmation that the seat has been properly installed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost half of all car seats are improperly installed. Just by ensuring proper installation, we can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers.

Yes. The sensors in the car seat that are connected to the mobile app identity if your baby is still in the seat and will notify you immediately.

Yes. babyark uses only chemical-free flame retardant fabrics that also happen to be unbelievably soft to touch.

We want to make sure you’re absolutely sure. So, if at any point during the first 100 days upon purchase you’re not sure, you can send your babyark back. No hassle, no questions asked.

ture, keeps baby comfortable in all kinds of weather.