Meet babyark.

The safest convertible car seat in the US

Featuring 13 registered safety patents
for 360° protection

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What sets us apart

Driven by safety

Complies and exceeds US safety standards with protective-driven design, premium-grade materials and 13 registered safety patents, including an easy, fool-proof installation process.

Committed to comfort

Introducing advanced comfort with premium padding, super soft fabrics, and multiple adjustable features to accompany and address your child’s growth.

Smart and connected

Featuring a smart base with 14 sensors and a mobile app to deliver critical notifications like forgotten child alerts, as well as constant monitoring and optimization of all safety features.

Built to last

Built with non-degradable carbon fiber and steel, the babyark is highly durable, resistant to wear and tear, and the only convertible car seat with no expiry date.

In compliance with top standards

California Proposition 65
& 12 more

Flammability FMVSS 302 & California Proposition 65

FCC & EMC Compliance

In accordance with ISO 16750 & more

Crash tested according to FMVSS 213

General child 
safety tests

Engineered for safety

From industry-first technologies such as the SafeCoil™ energy-absorbing system and the BioArk™ side-impact system, to premium military-grade materials, babyark has created a new standard of safe.

Safe & Easy Installation

The ACTV8 ™ Smart Base, equipped with 14 sensors and a LED-light system, paired with the babyark mobile app, provides visual confirmation for each and every step of the installation process, ensuring peace of mind that you’ve done everything just right.

Unpacking Safety

Anchored in safety

The babyark is the ONLY convertible car seat that includes these 3 key features for optimal anchoring and safety; the rigid LATCH, the stabilising support leg and the anti-rebound bar.

One app.
A whole lot of
peace of mind

Stay up to date with a wide range of notifications and alerts. From automatic forgotten child alerts to knowing when the nanny picked them up- all the way to knowing when it’s time to adjust the seat and headrest as your child grows. Everything straight to the palm of your hand.

Designed for convenience

Ergonomic design for easy handling, installation and one-handed adjustments even while your child is seated. Ease to switch from front-facing to rear-facing position and vice versa as required.

Features a magnetic chest clip that automatically buckles and ensures that the chest clip is not near the child’s neck or on the belly’s soft tissue.

Prevents annoying interference when placing the child in the seat by keeping the straps and buckle away from the seating area.

Provides easy handling, cleaning and replacement of the fabric cover.

Comfort meets safety

The JoltFree™ Adjustable Headrest features 11 positions, and is made of D3O, the world’s most technologically-advanced impact absorbing polymer, providing both unparalleled comfort and protection.

Inspired by nature.
Built for impact.

babyark’s design philosophy is deeply steeped in biomimicry, the study of nature’s safest structures and mechanisms. From the egg-shaped carbon frame to the side-impact protection system inspired by the woodpecker’s beak and brain structure, babyark has completely reimagined safety.

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Goes with (almost) every car

In order to enjoy babyark’s full benefits, you need to install it using lower anchors, vehicle seat belt, and a support leg. See the list below for guidance.
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