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Smart Car Seat

All safety details have been considered, the materials are of high quality, and the customers were very satisfied when they saw the actual product. It truly proves that you get what you pay for.

Couldn't Be Any Happier With a Carseat!

At first, we were a bit skeptical with the price point and new technology of this carseat but as soon as we saw it, installed it, and placed our baby in it we knew we made the right choice. Our baby who has special needs and low tone needed more support and babyark provided this which was very comforting to us as we go on lots of appointments and therapies. Our son is always happy to be in his carseat because it is very comfortable for him no matter the distance and time. We also love Babyark's customer service! They answered all of our questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend this to every family and we will certainly be purchasing another one as our family continues to grow.

Safest car seat!

I have thoroughly researched car seats and this one has been the best rated in safety. It was so easy to install and I love the in app notifications reassuring me it is installed correctly and my child is properly restrained.

An amazing experience!

We received our babyark car seat a few days back and I'm already loving the product. We haven't used the car seat for long at this point, but the set up process was fantastic. When opening the package, there are clear and simple instructions on how to take the product out of the box, which is not always straight forward with such big products. We then downloaded the app and it took us through the set up process step by step. It was super easy and I felt very good about the safety aspect. I can't wait to use it more!

Best car seat on the market

We absolutely LOVE our babyark. It was easy to install and literally doesn't let you put your baby in it unless it's done correctly. The app tells me each time that she's buckled in properly, and now I don't have to leave my purse next to her each time to make sure I don't forget her!


Not impressed with the car seat. Didn't secure well to the seat (slid back and forth on the LATCH bars even with seat belt tight as I could get), and the straps are a big pain to adjust the chest clip and do the pinch test on. The "100 day return, no hassle, no questions" is false as well. They try very hard to get you to keep it, when you finally get past that, they send you a return label, tell you they will refund your money 30 days after seat is returned less the shipping that I am responsible for. This was not indicated anywhere. Do not recommend.

We appreciate your feedback and we're sorry that we didn’t meet your expectations.
I would be glad to address it and learn from it for the future.

The movement in the seat when connecting the seat with the LATCH bars is very normal. The steel-to-Steel connection over the LATCH allows some movement but is considered to be safer and less prone to installation errors.

We apologize that you felt it was not clear enough that the cost of the shipment isn’t covered.
This was not our intention. We also refunded shipment cost for the return process and updated the wording in the website to ensure it is clear.

As explained, there was no intention to hold the money for 30 days but only until we receive the seat to our facility.
It usually takes 2-4 days from the day it arrives at our facility, and 30 days is the maximum period it can take, given delays that we do not necessarily control.

The questions from our chat representative were intended to better understand your issues and to try to help you be satisfied with your purchase. It was never our intention to cause any hassle.
We are sorry if you felt that we were trying to delay the return process and we will learn from it for the future.

We hope you will consider us in the future as we constantly improve.
Please let me know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

When design and engineering meets!!

I got my Babyark car seat a few months ago. installation was very easy with the help of the App. My kid LOVE the seat and it makes our journeys peaceful and safe!

Great car seat

I was iffy about this car seat because of the price but I am in love with all the safety features it offers! Super easy to assemble and install into car as well! Just had my second baby and am definitely buying another one for her as well!

The best carseat you will ever need

The babyark is a piece of engineering beauty.

Not only is it super pretty to look at, it is designed with nature in mind. It use the strength of an egg and the impact absorption of a woodpeckers head to allow you little one to ride around in safety when out on the road.

Our Lil one loves riding in the babyark and never fusses when getting loaded up for our next roadteip.

The babyark provides safety and comfort but as a company the people at babyark are incredible. Their customer service is like what customer service was 25 years ago when companies cared about their customers. They follow up and check in to see how you are doing and about the carseat.

Babyark makes it easy to recommend to friends or family that are looking for a stylish and well engineered babyseat for their little one.

Love it!

Loving my babyark! The app guided installation was incredibly simple, the magnetic straps are so convenient, and the zippers make replacing the seat covers a breeze!

Great car seat

My baby has loved this car seat so far , he is 16lbs and is very comfortable in it .
The straps buckle easily which is a plus .
The car seat is tall so if you have an SUV it can be challenging to get the baby in it without first stepping onto a sideboard .
You can not remove the car seat with baby in it which at times is a huge negative because who wakes to wake a sleeping baby but I guess it’s the price you pay for the extra safety .
If this existed in a version that could be taken out , it would be by far the best car seat.
I got the light color which is nice because it does not get too hot for the baby .
I never use the app because well who has that kind of time with a baby but i suppose it’s an extra nice feature .

Easy install and quick readings

Great! Sturdy, good looking, easy to install!

So cute & comfy !

Love the unique color and very comfy. Nothing else like it

Best quality seat I have found (and I am very picky)

My top priority has always been finding the safest seat possible when moving from an infant car seat to a convertible one. The load leg and the anti-rebound bar along with the safety coils, the side impact tech, and the higher quality materials in the headrest and the seat itself, made this a no-brainer for our family. Everything else about the seat says Quality as well -- the fabric, the straps, the sturdy-ness of the seat, the base, etc. This is worth every penny, and more.

Safe and Stylish

The Baby Ark car seat is stylish and made from high-quality materials. We love that our 19-month-old is super comfortable and safe during long car rides, and the zip on/off seat covers make it really easy to wash. The reclining feature is awesome and gives it a luxurious feel. Love the magnetic straps - makes it very easy to get her in the seat. On top of looking really cool and will probably last us for years, so we won’t need to buy another car seat anytime soon. It’s really heavy, so I wouldn't recommend this for lugging around on planes/frequent travel or moving between cars often. In our case, we have a travel car seat and leave this one in our car permanently. It does takes up a lot of space in our XC90, making it hard to recline the front passenger seat. We might move it to the back row of the car when she gets older. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase of this car seat.

Ark experience

When I people saw our car seat and seen how safely it was built. They wanted to look into it. For most of my friends they thought it was expensive but I told them how safe it is. The app they have and comfortableness it brings for our kid. It's worth every penny and worth keeping our kid safe. Thank you so much for this product.

Love it

I bought this because I loved the design and technology — I had a small hiccup with the app when installing for the first time but tech support (via the chat function on the app) resolved it in less than two minutes, on a Saturday. We’ve had to move the seat to different cars a few times, and it’s reassuring to have the app confirm proper installation. TL;DR I wish I had bought this from the beginning.

Babyark car seat

I feel like I hit the jackpot down at the rodeo.
My kid in this seat like he's sitting on a cloud! Snug as a bug, falls asleep immediately.
And it feels sturdy and safe.

Great seat

My baby doesn’t do well in cars. This spacious car seat along with some other gadgets make our car ride down the street a lot more enjoyable. I love the added protection from a car crash. Although it was way more expensive than I’d like as a single mom, it really helps me be able to run the errands I need to now.

Great Car seat, great customer service

We were one of the first people to get a babyark when it first was released. We’ve almost had it for a year now. Originally the charging port was damaged in shipping, so when it arrived we couldn’t charge it or power it on. We reached out to customer service and they immediately sent a new one even before we shipped back our damaged one. They were responsive and even asked if a change of colors was an issue. Our baby had been using it for quite a while. It’s really convenient with the magnetic chest piece and the materials all feel great. We’ve done plenty or roadtrips with it and our son seems to enjoy it well enough. It is a bit of a pain to clean out say if you baby throws up. But they sent us a second set of seat covers that we keep in the car in case anything like that happens. Overall quite pleased with it knowing or son is the safest he can be.

Baby ark car seat

Love the car seat easy to install
Love how safe it is. Definitely peace of mind.

Amazing seat!

My two-year-old Adam loves the seat and falls asleep in no time! Besides that, it's so easy to handle. Highly recommended!

The best seat!

I love the app guidance, the crash protection results that surpass any other car seat we've considered, and the fact that it's so comfy and beautifully designed!

Wonderful car seat

Great car seat, feels very secure and comfortable for the baby and easy for parents use, made of high quality materials, worth every penny, very recommended

Finally a Smart Child Seat

As a dad for the second time and after trying five different car seats, I found the installation of this one to be incredibly straightforward. The app guided me step-by-step, and the sensors provided reassurance that everything was correctly set up.

The car seat’s stability and comfort are impressive. My baby loves it, and it gives me peace of mind knowing she is safe and secure in one of the best car seats on the market.

Additionally, the car seat features sensors that ensure my baby is properly fastened, which allows me to stay calm and confident that she will receive the best protection.

Cleaning the car seat is a breeze thanks to the zip-off cover. The design is sleek and stylish, with great color combinations and protective covers for each button, ensuring the safest and easiest way to place my baby in the car seat.