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The Convertible Car Seat
Dianelys Guerra
Best car seat in the world.

I totally love this car seat, has a unique design, great technology but must importantly the safety is what make it the best car seat in the world. Your kid will love it! Thank you babyark for this amazing car seat.

Best car seat ever

I have two cars, one of which has a Nuna Executive installed. Since I bought my Tesla Model Y, I wanted to get a car seat that not only fits the car but also matches its beautiful design. Besides being extremely safe and beautiful, Babyark is also very comfortable. Unfortunately, my little one doesn't want to be seating in the Nuna anymore =( and only wants to ride in the car with Babyark. Well, I guess I will have to buy one more.

The Convertible Car Seat
Christopher Oster
Best car seat we have ever owned

To start off our now 9 month old loves the car seat. The seating position let alone her being safe in this seat. All the little details from the magnets to help hold the straps open while we place her in it. We all know how frustrating it is when the straps are in the way. The ease of installation with the help of the app was great. Give guidance and twlla you it's installed correctly. We have loved out babyarc since the day we bought it.

The Convertible Car Seat
Roseanna Kirkpatrick
Not only the safest but also the most comfy!

So happy we purchased our Babyark! Not only is this the safest and the most beautiful car seat, it is the most comfortable for our little guy! He can fall asleep easily once he’s in his, that’s how comfy it is! This company is so wonderful too, how they interact and treat their customers is above and beyond! I’m excited to see what other products they develop in the future! Thank you Babyark for developing this amazing and safe product!

The best experience

It has been the best purchase for my little girl. She feels comfortable and safe, I feel calm when I see that she can travel safely.

Excellent Carseat

As a safety and health professional I value products that emphasize safety performance and quality of product and the BabyArk does it well and more. The car seat is so safe and sturdy that my child's pediatrician asked what brand car seat BabyArk is. Will be again.

Best product

I love the thread quality, the kids back are very estay and comfortable for sleeping

Babyark car seat

I have 11 children, and have gone through a lot of car seats over the years. My 1 year old was growing out of his car seat, and I started researching for a new one, and found this. I lived that it didn't have an expiration date, and that it had the highest safety crash rating. I love the fact that I felt like someone really wanted to keep my child safe instead of just making money. I can see buying another one when my 6 month old is ready to move out of hers!

The Convertible Car Seat
Maxim Suleimenov
Sturdy and good-looking

Most importantly this seat seems very safe. It is very heavy but that probably is related to the safety. The chair looks great and seat cover is easily interchangeable for washing

Babyarc car seat

Great product , easy to buckle and never tangles. The quality gives you that sense of security that if a accident ever did happen your child will be safe .

The Convertible Car Seat
Madeline Marzano
Safe and easy to install

When we found out the designer of the P1 was making a car seat, we knew we needed to get it. If you know anything about McLaren, you know that the monocoque is one of the safest so we know that this level of safety was used when designing this car seat. It makes me feel better knowing that my baby is safe in the car! 10 out of 10 would recommend. Obviously it’s not a carrying car seat but it’s worth it for the safety!

Best purchase ever!!!

I highly recommend babyark. I was on the fence because of the price. My daughter purchased a Nuna for her car which is fine for now as he is only 4 months old however the babyark is a lot wider and user friendly! They thought of everything. It has an app which confirms my grandson is safely Buckled into his seat. It also has magnets on each side to hold the straps in place so when you are getting your child in and out of the seat the straps don’t get in the way. This will be the only car seat I will need to purchase and it is hands down the best purchase I made! Safety is my number one priority and babyark makes me feel he is safe while driving. The customer service team are 5 star and absolutely fantastic!! They respond promptly to all my questions! Don’t hesitate! Purchase! Promise you will love it! ❤️


BEST, SAFE, MOST SLEEK , MODERN TECHNOLOGY car seat im obsessed and feel confident about my child safety with the baby ark car seat ! 100% recommend

Great seat

As a parent who has recently purchased the BabyArk car seat, I'm genuinely impressed with both its safety features and ease of use. It feels extremely sturdy and secure, giving me great peace of mind every time we hit the road. The installation process was straightforward, which is a huge plus for busy parents. I would definitely recommend this car seat to any parent looking for a reliable and hassle-free option for their child.

Their customer service is also been an excellent!

Great quality

Car seat is high quality and worth it.

Overall great seat

We feel very good about putting our baby in this seat because of the safety features. It is easy to put together and get baby strapped in. The magnetic chest clip is a nice touch and the seat is breathable but comfortable for our child. I wish the app was more comprehensive on the instructions side and that you could easily unlink your phone from the seat so I'm not getting notified if I'm not the one with the seat. The app needs a lot of work overall in my opinion. Also would be nice if it told you what exactly is wrong if possible when the seat is not right. It took us a few tries the first time to figure out exactly what was wrong with the assembly but after the first two times putting the seat in it has been easy. The buckle is a little hard to press to undo. The seat could have a better handle for when taking in/out of the car.

Lambo of Car seat

First of all, I will not go into detail about Safety features since the information is well provided on the website by Babyark engineers/experts. The review is based on my personal experience after 3 weeks of daily usage.
Design: 5/5
Beautiful with high-quality material. It is clear to me that the design has been carefully throughout. We got Eggshell, which is very easy to clean and wipe.
Comfort: 5/5
Our Family loves road trips, so I wanted to invest in a car seat that is comfortable for a long distance and the safest possible on the market; however, the real judge is our 7-month-old son who had rejected car seats in the past before. Thankfully, he loves it and has been riding this car seat ever since.
Note: we made a switch early from an infant car seat to a convertible to give him more space, and to avoid carrying an increasing weight on an infant car seat.
Our little one also runs HOT, the fabric cover material is breathable and helps him regulate his temperature well.

Install: 5/5
As a first-time mom, there is nothing I hate more than installing a car seat, this is by far the EASIEST car seat to install. BabyArk App walks you through every step, it takes 7 minutes to install everything(the base and the car seat excluding charging time). Also, the (1) reclining position is super easy to adjust.
Compared to Nuna Exec, this car seat is easier to switch from rear-facing to forward-facing.
Customer Service: 5/5
At the beginning of April, I contacted Babyark customer service regarding cup holder after seeing a YouTube video. While the option wasn't available at that time, the customer service experience was pleasant. I was able to contact to a live agent swiftly and he was able to answer all my questions clearly which I much appreciated.
Today 4/16, I received an email for a complimentary cup holder to go with the car seat - THANK YOU!

Price: 5/5
It is a VERY expensive car seat; however, you also get what you pay for.

I wish Magnetic shoulder straps were stronger to keep the straps out when placing a child into the seat.

Overall: if you are in the market for a one-and-done splurge car seat, Babyark is worth it because of the quality, technology, features, and benefits. However, it is not the most essential item on the baby registry because of the price point.

The Convertible Car Seat
Donna Guardipee
Best carseat I ever purchased

I have been using my carseat for 2 weeks and I love it. It also helps give me peice of mind. I like that I can connect to my phone

This carseat is awesome. My baby loves it and you can really see that she is comfortable.

The Convertible Car Seat

I love the technology and build quality. I thought the sides would be more of a metallic silver finish but they were not.