The 5 things to know when choosing your car seat

The 5 things to know when choosing your car seat

Buying a convertible car seat is both a meaningful, and slightly confusing experience, especially if you’re a first time parent.

But instead of writing a long blog post detailing the ins and outs of safety, we were lucky enough to have Eli Gurock, renowned child gear expert, and founder of Magic Beans, walk us through the 5 major things every parent needs to know before making their big decision.

The 5 things to know:

  1. Ease of installation - the seatbelt vs rigid LATCH question.
  2. Rear facing limit - how long can your child stay in the safer rear-facing position.
  3. Side impact protection - the different layers of protection.
  4. Fabric considerations - from materials to ease of removal and cleaning.
  5. Enhanced safety features  - the unique features that stand out.



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